Full Groom Services

Hair Cut Package includes:

  • Bath using premium shampoos and conditioners
  • Blowout
  • Brushed and fluffed
  • Nails trimming and smoothing
  • Ear cleansing using otic solution
  • Dental Service
  • Coat trim and styling to your preference
  • Bandana or Bow (or Both!)
  • Dirt-repellant finishing spray
  • Pet safe cologne
10-20 lbs


21-35 lbs


35-60 lbs


61-80 lbs


Other Services

Bath Services

It all starts with a sudsing refreshment bath and health-focused services.


Aren’t cats special? They really are, and we love them!

The Works!

Because your baby deserves the good life!

Additional Fees

Occasionally, additional fees may apply based on the needs of your pet, or to fulfill your grooming requests.