Welcome to
Grooming by Jackie

Hi, I am Jackie, owner and operator of Grooming by Jackie, LLC. If you are curious about whose care your pets would be in, I’d like for you to learn more about me. . .

I have worn many hats in my life, and one of those hats has always been that of a passionate and lifelong dog enthusiast. My career with dogs began at age twelve when I apprenticed as an assistant show dog handler; my deep knowledge of breed-specific patterned cuts has its foundation in the competitive world of pure-bred dogs.

As my capabilities matured and evolved, I delved into pet grooming, and leaned forward into the associated grooming techniques and nuances to make me a strong and competent All-Breed dog and cat groomer.

Although I hold NYS licensure as a social worker and I’ve worked as an orthodontic business professional, I have never stopped being a groomer. Now my life’s passion is becoming tangible with the realization of Grooming by Jackie, LLC.

When I am not busy grooming, I enjoy spending time with my saluki Logan, seeing my friends and family, trying new restaurants and catching live music at local venues!